Image by artist Linda Dammann – copyright reserved to the artist

VII. THE CROWN CHAKRA is in the key of B. It is our connection to cosmic consciousness of life eternal and the Divine Source. When meditating it is common to imagine the source white light of the Divine Source entering our body through the crown of the head. This piece starts with the source/white light slowly entering the body. We hear the hit and ring of the B singing bowl then each instrument adds their own note to complete the A chord with the wash of the ocean drum. The percussion instruments start the percolating of energy as the other instruments start with syncopation followed by flowing strings, tubular bells and woodwinds calling out for balance. The brass comes in to reveal the immense royalty of the chakra. Near the end, with help from the harp, the chakra balances while the sound lifts high into the sky to disperse into the universe.

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