Image by Fabian Perez – copyright reserved to the artist

II. THE SACRAL CHAKRA is the second chakra and the center of our creativity, emotions, sensuality and intimacy in the key of D. From the beginning the string quartet (soul of the piece) sends energy waves of yearning to be balanced. The energy starts to percolate in Violin 1 followed by other instruments. Adding the tango of sensuality with gypsy like portamentos they join the full orchestra percolating with the waves of energy up and around. The woodwinds repeat the tango of the quartet and are accompanied by an orchestral percussion of pizzicato strings, castanets, tambourine and drums. They build an energy that is released when the tubular bells announce the energy is now moving up to balance. Finally, the whole orchestra plays energy that is calm, freely flowing and balanced. 

I. root  |  II. sacral  |  III. solar plexus IV. heart  |  V. throat  |  VI. third eye  |  VII. crown